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About Me

I'm Steven Sansovini, financial planner and owner of Sansovini Financial Services.

I am passionate about helping people build, protect and enjoy their wealth.




My core values are honesty and integrity, I work hard to provide advice that will place you in a better position to achieve your financial and life dreams.




Clients would describe me as calm, considered and methodical. I possess the patience to work with all types of clients. 

About me

About You

Are you planning for your retirement?


Investment Income


 Building an investment portfolio that provides passive income takes time, patience and will power. The rewards can be tremendous, you may be able to retire early and create intergenerational wealth. Our advice will be tailored to your goals and circumstances.


Superannuation Pensions


Superannuation pensions are extremely tax effective. Our advice will allow you to maximise the many tax concessions that superannuation pensions offer.


Age Pension


If you qualify for an Age Pension, our advice will ensure you maximise your entitlements, which together with your superannuation pension will fund your retirement lifestyle

Enjoying Wealth

Are you interested in building wealth?



Most people struggle to save despite working hard and earning good money. With our advice, you can save for a house, investment property, share portfolio or retirement.




Investing can be a minefield as there are many things to consider. Ensuring your best interest is front of mind, our investment advice will be tailored to your individual situation and needs.




We all need debt at some stage in our lives. Our advice will ensure you minimise your debts and pay them off as soon as possible.




Superannuation is a complex and ever-changing vehicle to build wealth for your retirement. I will help you figure out how to take advantage to maximise your retirement income while minimising your taxation liability.

Building Wealth

Do you want to protect your assets and family?

Asset Structuring


You have worked hard to earn your assets so together we will make sure you to protect them with the choose the appropriate structure in which to hold your assets..


Life Insurance


If you were to pass away how would your family continue to prosper in life? Our advice will ensure you have the right life insurance with appropriately priced premiums.


Disability Insurance


If you are working and have financial commitments, you need to protect your income against illness or injury. If your disability is severe, you may also need a lump sum payment. Our advice will ensure you have the right amount of affordable cover.

Protecting Wealth




Our fee will be agreed with you prior to the commencement of any work, providing you with fee certainty.


How do I charge?


The cost of advice is based on the complexity and time taken to provide tailored advice.

A quote can only be given once the scope of work has been agreed with you.


Value for money


We will only take on a client for whom we believe we can add value.

We endeavour to keep all fees as competitive as possible.


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